Inspired by THIS Comic, please enjoy the following item, to add to your fantasy TTRPG of choice.

Wardle’s Wondrous Weapon – Wondrous Item, Rare

These popular magic items, created by a slightly mad wizard with a penchant for puzzles, resemble a sword hilt with a row of five dials on the front. The dials correspond to letters, and once per day, the wielder of the weapon may attempt to guess a word, with up to six attempts. A correctly guessed letter glows green, and a letter that is in the word but in the incorrect spot glows yellow. If they manage to guess the word, a weapon will spring forth from the hilt, with those magical properties. For example, “KNIFE” might create a +1 Dagger, while “FROST” might create a sword that deals cold damage.The word is different every day, and each Weapon contains its own list that it draws from. Some are very powerful, while others are mere curiosities. The new weapon lasts until midnight, at which time the blade resets.
The GM should choose the word for the day, and its effects.

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