I’m going to be honest. 2020 sucked. This probably isn’t news to you, and I don’t want to turn my blog into a list of woes, but last year was the worst. It was a time of painful isolation and crushing losses. Friends and family passed away. I lost my job. And I didn’t make any of my creative goals for the year.

But the year turns, and we have little choice but to keep moving forward. So it’s time to retire the Page of Awesome for 2020 and look ahead to 2021.
2020 Goals and Achievements:

Daily Writing Goal – 57/300
Daily Editing Goal – 77/300
Short Story Submissions – 46/60
New Short Stories – 0/6
New Freelance Hunters stories – 1/6
New Flash Fiction Stories 2/6
Nostalgia Pilots – 17/25
Everyday Drabbles Audio Podcasts – 10/50
Blog Posts- 295/400

With 2021 comes new goals, and new opportunities. I have some things planned for this year that I won’t announce, but you’ll be seeing very soon, so please look forward to them.
Stay healthy, stay safe, and keep moving forward.