It’s the end of another month, and with April on it’s way out, I’m wondering when spring will finally get here. We had a few nice days, and I was able to pull my bike out a couple times, but the weather has been dreary and cold, and it even snowed on my birthday this year!
My birthday was a few days ago, and that always leaves me feeling contemplative, and sometimes a little depressed. But I did get an outpouring of love, both on social media and in real life, so I’m counting my blessings.
I finally wrote enough Everyday Drabbles stories to constitute an ebook release, and as soon as I come up with a cover I’m happy with, I’ll make the usual announcements. The difficult irony in a release like this one is that it’s big enough that I want to put it out, but I can’t imagine it will do well enough to justify the cost of a professionally sourced cover. Oh, well.
As it was both my and my husband’s birthday, I got to flex my muscles and bake a pair of chocolate cakes, both of which I felt were mixed successes. For mine, I pulled out a recipe from my childhood, my great aunt Eileen’s Texas Sheet Cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a sheet pan, so it was a bit tall and thick, but still delicious. I also baked a pie for Easter and got to spend some quality time with my own niece, so all in all, it’s been a good month.
In May, when it will hopefully be warm enough for long bike rides, I’m hoping to try and do the Sky Ride, finally break out the grill for the year, and make some progress getting our yard into shape. See you next month!
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