Welcome to the end of March! It’s almost, sort of, kind of spring!
And the past two months have been an absolute whirlwind.
Most of February was spent preparing for a big trip: Smoky Writers! This is the annual writing retreat in the Smoky Mountains that I go to every year, organized by a friend. Going on its sixth year, I love this retreat, but it’s always a bit of a mixed bag for me. Originally formed of folks from the podcast writing community, it has since grown to include a variety of successful writers. Everyone is lovely, and it’s always great to catch up, but I always get a stab of imposter syndrome, seeing how everyone has progressed in their careers when I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.
I did get a reasonable amount of work done, clocking in about ten thousand words on a new novella and two hours of stenograph keyboard practice every day. But coming home, I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut. There has been a lot of catching up at my day job from the trip, and with UB Con following right on its heels, I found myself completely exhausted and came down with a cold.
I guess I spent most of March recovering from adventures rather than having them. I did get to see a couple movies (Captain Marvel and the new release of Apollo 11 documentary footage) and my first concert in what feels like years. I visited a maple farm and researched buying a new car when I turn my lease in.
In terms of work, I wrote and have been editing a piece that is midway between flash and short story, and trying to catch up on Everyday Drabbles. I’ve been falling behind. My goal is to catch up to where I should be and put together the first ebook collection in April. I also went through my outstanding short story publication submissions, found a few stories that had either been quietly rejected or fallen through the cracks, and sent them out to new markets.
As we head into April, my goals are to continue to give myself time to work on creative projects, and push those projects to completion. And enjoy the nicer weather, of course.