Hello readers!
We’re finally finished with2017! And of course, it has been a tumultuous year. As is my yearly tradition, I’m looking back at what I accomplished this year, and for all the pain, setbacks, and anxiety, I did pretty well.
On the day job front, I started a new job in January, and changed positions in May. I also started Court Reporting school, and have been doing well, although practice doesn’t leave me quite as much time as I would like.
Even so, I managed to produce a real-live physical book this year, which I hand-sold at a big group table at Balticon. I also managed to produce a few short stories and flash pieces that I’m quite proud of, and that you can check out over on my Patreon.
In terms of podcasting work, this was the year that I finally shut the doors on The Way of the Buffalo podcast. With everything else on my plate, I had to choose something to give up in order to keep my sanity, and I found I wasn’t getting any joy from it. I’m still really proud of the podcast, and learned a lot doing it. Maybe when I have more free time something new will come out with the same name, but that is well ahead of things.
This year I did start producing Nostalgia Pilots, a Gundam Wing rewatch podcast I’m doing with some friends, and that has been much more fun. I’ve had the plan for a show like this sitting in my head for a long while, and I am glad to finally have it off the ground. We’re all fitting it in around other projects and busy schedules, but I’m happy with the twelve episodes we released in 2017, and there is much more to come.
The other bit of exciting audio news is that we launched a version of The Dark Wife Audiobook on Audible! It has been doing quite well, and is even included in their new Romance Package service.
As for the final stats for the Page of Awesome, here’s how things broke down:
Podcasts: 45/50
Short Fiction Submissions: 46/50
Blog Posts: 101/100
Patreon Posts: 79/75
Wattpad Posts: 119/200
Self-Published ebooks: 1/5
I missed my marks for podcasts and short fiction, but came very close, with a big push of productivity in the fall. I did better with Patreon and Blog posts, but fell short on Wattpad. Wattpad has been making me stretch to create covers for my posts there, so I hope to do better this year.
I have some exciting plans for 2018, including more ebooks and launching a new mailing list. I hope you stick with me, and I am as ever grateful for your support.
On a snowy first night of 2018,
Hugh J. O’Donnell