It’s has been a week.  Presumably, you’ve taken care of yourself however you need to, and are well, everybody is somewhere.  It’s a start.  Many good people didn’t want this.  Other people did want this.  Other people wanted something and didn’t think this would happen.  But it did.  To quote,
“We in the shit now, somebody got to shovel it.” Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Hamilton”
And that somebody is us.  Not the DNC, not the electoral college, us.  And us is not a magical, feel-good collective society.  Us means YOU.  Perhaps you’ve been working hard the last eight years.  Or perhaps, like myself, you’ve been resting on your laurels, trusting in reason and the better nature of mankind.  Well, congratu-fucking-lations on that one.
So where do we start?

Take care of your friends and neighbors.  This administration isn’t going to.  Make sure their needs are met.  Look after people.
Get informed.  Social media is an echo-chamber by design.  So much misinformation was passed around, and so few corrections and vital information reached those who needed to see it.  Diversify your own information streams.  Do due-diligence on the news you do hear.  Find credible sources of accurate reporting, not simply outlets which cater to your taste.
Protect yourself.  This might be as simple as saving extra money in case the economy tanks or you lose your heath benefits.  It might involve updating your will or other documents to include protections which you might lose.  It might involve preparing a ‘bugout bag’ or making a plan in case of catastrophe.  It might involve taking self-defense classes or learning to use a firearm.  This could also involve scheduling preventative medical exams or procedures.  Consider what you might need three, six, nine months from now and don’t put it off!
Support Causes you believe in!  Your donations will be more valuable than ever before.  This applies not only to political and charitable organizations, but also the sciences and the arts.  With all three branches of government in Republican hands, government funding will likely dry up for everyone that does not toe the party line.  If you want to see organizations continue beyond the next four years, donate now and keep your support consistent.  Waiting for a call to action may be too late.
Get involved!  This is the big one.  Find out where you can help.  Join organizations you believe in on every level, from national to local.  Volunteer.  If you have the time and ability, run for local office.  The most effective way to preserve our democratic institutions is to keep them running.
This has been a brief guide to what you can do now to make the next four years a bit better.  God willing, if we all do our part, it will be enough.