Into It With Elle Collins
Hosted by Elle Collins
A podcast for all the things you love, Into It is an interview podcast in which host Elle Collins delves deeply into a piece of pop culture with a guest who is a dedicated fan.  It’s similar to Jackie Kashian’s The Dork Forrest, but more tightly focused on pop culture ephemera than unusual hobbies.
Host Elle Collins invites a guest on each week to share something they love and talk about why they love it.  Topics are usually quite nerdy but Elle and her guests do their best to approach each episode with a perspective that outsiders can enjoy.  It is a podcast about sharing, after all.
Episodes range from Pokemon to pro wrestling to an excellent three-episode retrospective on the Star Wars trilogy.  Guests are often other podcasters or media critics, and this show can be a gateway drug to a host of other cool, nerdy podcasts.  They’ve included Jay Rachel Edidin, Chris Sims, and DJ Benhameen, all of whom have other excellent podcasts in a similar vein.
For a nerdy, offbeat podcast that shatters the conventional stereotypes of nerd culture while embracing true nerdiness, give Elle a listen.  You can find Into It with Elle Collins in iTunes or at .

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