Nice  Kicks-Queen City Conquest and In Their Own Worlds!

Hello readers!  It’s finally spring!  The temptation to turn off the computer and frolic in the sunshine weighs heavily upon me, but I have news to share.  Specifically, some Kickstarter projects I’m backing that you should jump on before they finish.

Queen City Conquest
The fourth itteration of this Buffalo, NY table-top and board gaming convention is quickly becoming a local institution!  This more than any other is the con where I get introduced to new games that I HAVE to get, stretch my dungeon-crawling legs, and score great swag in their charity silent auction.  Last year, I played “Boss Monster” and “Sentinels of the Multiverse” for the first time.  This is a real community convention, and it is the highlight of my September.  Weekend Passes for this year’s event are going for $30 on the Kickstarter!  Trust me, that’s a deal too good to pass up!

In Their Own Worlds
J. R. Blackwell is one of those rare creative polymaths with a golden touch.  A Photographer, Journalist, Writer, Costumer and Game Designer, she’s something of a geek renaisance woman.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in her latest project, “In Their Own Worlds.”  A synthesis of her exceptional talents, she has begun a series of photography sessions in which she photographs authors in the settings of their own works.  She photographed her husband Jared Axelrod as a bystander of his own super-villain creation Comrade Cocroach as a proof of concept, and has plans for shoots with Mur Lafferty, Ursula Vernon, Chuck Wendig, and other popular speculative fiction authors.  New shoots are being constantly unlocked as stretch goals, so the more you donate, the better it gets.

These two projects are in their last weeks.  I wholeheartedly recommend both of them.

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