So you say you don’t judge a book by it’s author, that you don’t ‘notice’ race, gender, or national identity.  Fine.  I’m calling your bluff. Below are ten excellent genre books, listed only by their descriptions.  Each one is a link to amazon.  Some are bestsellers.  Some are classics.  Some are even *gasp* self-published.  But they’re all stories of the highest quality. I challenge you to pick out the one you find most interesting, and read it.  If you aren’t afraid to read something that without checking the cover first, that is.

An aging monster hunter and his young bodyguard stumble across a plot that to bring a kingdom to its knees.

A man with the ability to dream things into being sees a psychologist for a cure, but is manipulated into using his power to ‘improve’ the world instead.

A serial killer stalks 20th century Chicago with the help of a house that allows him to travel through time.

An out of work editor gets more than they bargained for when they take a job creating a travel guide for monsters.

A retelling of the Hades/Persephone myth with Zeus as the villain.

A barbarian gets unwittingly embroiled in court politics when they are named heir to a magical empire.

A man caught in a fight between a scientist and criminals is haunted by his memories of a fantastic city filled with unicorns.

A falsely imprisoned man is consumed by his quest for revenge.

The Son of a Spanish nobleman and a Shoshone woman fights injustice in 18th Century California.

Two members of an order of ghost hunters and a cursed pirate prince fight a mysterious cult in an isolated village.