Staff:  Norm Sherman (Editor in Chief) Nicky Drayden (Managing Editor) Nathan Lee (Submissions Editor) Matthey Bey (Editor at Large) Bo Kaier (Art Director) Tom Baker (Archivist)

The Drabblecast is one of the first fiction podcasts I listened to, and it is still my favorite.  Hosted by musician and madman Norm Sherman, The Drabblecast is strange fiction, by strange authors, for strange listeners, such as yourself.  They present ‘weird’ stories:  horror, science-fiction, and fantasy that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else.  While genre fiction is a staple of fiction podcasts, The Drabblecast is instantly recognizable and distinct.  This is the place to go to hear stories about reformed zombies and Lovecraftian mythos tales related through passive-aggressive post-it notes.  These stories are never what you expect, and they’re always executed with a high degree of artistry and technical skill.
The Drabblecast is named after the drabble, a kind of flash fiction that is exactly one hundred words long.  Norm usually opens the show with one sent in by a listener.  Drabbles are tricky because a hundred words is just about too long for a joke and too short for a short story.  Writing a good one is a balancing act, and so is writing the sort of odd stories that are The Drabblecast’s style.
The show is also notable for its high production values.  They produce a variety of narratives, from solo reads to full-cast productions, but Norm and his crew’s distinctive voice and excellent ear for music elevates the work.  His skewed sense of humor is icing on the cake.
If you’re looking for a fiction podcast that is a step away from the ordinary, The Drabblecast has a huge archive of stories for your listening pleasure.  They recently began a curated best-of feed as well.  Check them out at