Last weekend, after taking in the burgers and the fireworks, I went downtown and experienced some American history.  The Buffalo Transportation Museum is located at 263 Michigan Ave and houses a fleet of vehicles and artifacts from the early days of the automobile.  Local manufacturers Pierce-Arrow and Thomas are heavily featured, but many different makes and models are present.

We live in an age of cheap, instant global communication.  Long-distance travel is something that we take for granted.  The vehicles and artifacts in this collection are a reminder of what a revolution the automobile really was.

The museum is capped off with a full-scale model of a proposed gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Although the plan was never used, and has some serious flaws, it is a fascinating look at what might have been.

If you’re a gear-head or if you just have an interest in history, the Buffalo Transportation Museum is an excellent place to spend an afternoon in the Queen City.

The Buffalo Transportation Museum is located at 263 Michigan Ave, Buffalo, NY and is open 11 AM-4PM Thursday-Sunday.  Visit them online at

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