Ladies and Gentleman, Meet Baboon Fart Story.

Baboon Fart Story came from this excellent blog post from Mr. Chuck Wendig.  Go read it, it’s very smart.

Seriously, Go read it.

I’ll wait.

OK, We’re back?  Good.

The post is a good piece of criticism, and getting the ebook up is a nice bit of cheeky humor, but here’s the rub:

As of writing 10:30 PM EST, February 17, 2014, “Baboon Fart Story” has eight five-star reviews on  EIGHT.

Glory’s Guantlet, my new collection of short fiction has zero.  I’m losing eight to nothing to BABOON FART STORY.  This cannot stand.

So I am officially announcing Operation do better than Baboon Fart Story, soon to be followed by operation come up with better operation names.  But I need your help.

Go and review Glory’s Gauntlet on between now and February 28th.  It doesn’t have to be a 5-star review.  Be honest.  If I have nine or more reviews on March 1st, I’ll post a brand-new Freelance Hunters story here, and I’ll pick one of the reviewers and send them a special prize which I haven’t decided yet.

So go!  Review!  Spread the word.  We can’t let the baboons win.