You know what’s cool?  Samurai.  You know what else is cool?  Westerns.  That’s why you should go support Scott Roche’s Way of the Gun anthology on Kickstarter!

Scott is making an anthology of cool crossover Samurai westerns and he’s bringing in some really cool authors to help him out.  I’m not directly involved in this collection, but I want it to succeed, very badly.  So I’m not just putting my money where my mouth is, I’m putting up my own ebooks for backers.

Kick in $5, and I’ll send you a double pack of ebook short stories:  “The Brisingamen” and “The Crash.”  Donate $10, and I’ll send you two more:  “Moving Mountains” and the as-yet unavailable in print “Lou’s Journey.”  But if you want to get these ebook collections, you have to go support The Way of the Gun.  Already donated?  Just increase your pledge by $5 or $10 and you’ll still get the ebooks.

Can’t afford $5?  Spread the word.  Scott’s kickstarter is approaching its last week, and I’d hate to lose out on this totally awesome story collection.  Tweet, reblog, and share this post or just follow the link back to Scott’s kickstarter video and share it on Youtube.  You can help bring an incredibly awesome project to life.