For geeks with tight budgets, Labor Day weekend can be tough.  It seems like everywhere you look, friends are having fun at the biggest conventions of the summer.  From Pax in Seattle, to Chicon in Chicago, to Dragon*Con in Atlanta.  Everywhere you look, tweets, pics, and posts are going up in celebration of the end of the con season.  But the solution isn’t to turn off the computer and hide from the stream.  Come to Dragon*Can’t instead!

Dragon Can’t is an UnCon, devised by S. V. Allie, Brand Gamblin, and Nathan Lowell, this is a virtual con held in social media, chats, hangouts, and video conferences.  It’s all the fun panels, readings, and socializing from cons, but without the long lines, expensive food, and con funk.  You should definitely check it out at

I’ll be doing a live reading over G+ Hangout on air at 8PM Est on Saturday, Sept. 1st as part of Dragon*Can’t.  I’ll be reading from a new Novella coming soon, announcing a project for January 2013, and doing Q and A.  You should totally come!