Welcome to October, Ladies and Gents!

It has been a busy but wonderful week for me.  My dear friends Sarah and Jenn got LEGALLY married, and those happy events took up the beginning of this productivity week.

But we’re here to talk about productivity, so let’s have at it!


My writing goal for this week was to write 2,000 words, and not only did I meet it, I blew it out of the water with a total of 4,137 words written over four one hour writing sessions.  Because of the wedding, all of this writing was done in October.  Looking back, I only wrote 6,500 words for September and didn’t really finish anything.  Looking at the pattern of the first month, the reasons for this seem pretty clear.  I’m not making enough time for writing, and even when I am, I let myself get distracted by the internet or other things.  This week’s progress is thanks to the fact that I committed to working for an hour every time I sat down to write.  Sometimes I wrote less than others, but I stayed in the chair, and I stayed off the internet.  I’m starting to get close to finishing the draft of the novella I’m working on, and if I keep working at this pace, I should be able to get a few short stories done before National Novel Writing Month in November.


I still haven’t release episode 22, but I’ve finished recording the story, and I’ve done my first pass of the audio for the interview.  I’m going to be working on that some more when I finish sending this off.  I also recorded my third interview for November last night, and I can’t wait for people to hear it.  I still need one more, though.

In Summary:

I didn’t make my goal of releasing the next episode of The Way of the Buffalo Podcast, but I doubled my writing goal.  This week I’m going to finish 22, work on 23, and write another 2,500 words on top of it.  Can I do it?  Find out next Wednesday night!