Howdy folks!  I’m knee deep in mixing down the next episode for The Way of the Buffalo, so here’s a quick summary of my progress in the past week.


My writing goal was to reach 2,000 words this week, and I made it.  I had five short writing sessions, each an hour or less, and I managed to add 2,049 words to “The Shadow Over Ironwood,” the novella I am currently working on.  I also started a new short story that has been rattling around in my head.  It doesn’t have a title yet, but I got roughly the first 400 words done, for a grand total of 2,453 words for the week.


I didn’t have an interview this week, but I’ve been working on episode 21.  It should be up on the site by the end of Friday.  I had a very interesting Google + hangout with a member of the Buffalo WordPress Meetup Group, and got some tips for improving my websites.  (Thanks, Danielle!)  So I did some light recording and editing, and will be doing more tonight after this post goes live.


I have two new projects on the horizon, and I figure I’ll make the announcement here.

The first is that I am actively soliciting clients for my audio trailer business, and have created a account for the service.  Click HERE to check it out.

The second is that I have signed up for smashwords, and will be putting my first ebook up by the month’s end.  I’ll be promoting the heck out of it once it goes up.


I got a lot done in short bursts this week, and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get done with more concentrated effort.  I’m upping my word count goal to 2,500 for next week.  My goal for the podcast is to record the two stories I have ready to go, and send out contracts for new ones.  Will I make my goals?  Find out next week!