Welcome to the new blog of writer and podcaster Hugh J. O’Donnell!  (That’s me.)
I’m the one man band behind the Way of the Buffalo Podcast, (http://wayofthebuffalopodcast.blogspot.com) and I’m also a writer.  This will be a blog charting my course through the unexplored waters of new media and self publishing.  (Except for everyone who has already done it, of course.)  Over the next few weeks I’ll be setting up this site into something a bit more presentable, with links, images, and possibly even a theme!  At the moment, I’m about two episodes of podcast and a few thousand words of short story behind, so I don’t have the time to tidy up.  Let yourself it, leave a comment, and say hi on twitter.  (@hatchingphoenix)
Thanks for stopping in, and check back soon, there’ll be a lot more here in a week or two!