I’m Hugh J. O’Donnell, and I’m a writer, podcaster, and culture critic.
I’m the host and editor of Nostalgia Pilots, A Gundam fancast, and a cohost of Chrononaut Cinema Reviews, a classic B-movie review and commentary cast. I’m also a fiction writer whose work has appeared in Andromeda Spaceways, Bards and Sages Quarterly, The Method to the Madness, and others. I also present the “Hugh Likes…” series of articles, which showcases standout fiction, comics, podcasts, video games, and other nerdy entertainment. I strongly believe in connecting people with things I feel are genuinely great. I feel people should be able to find things they truly enjoy without having to deal with gatekeeping and negativity.
I also want to present great fiction for people to enjoy. Those are the main goals of this patreon, to provide a feed of cool stuff for you to enjoy with recommendations and original works.
Patrons get a variety of perks, including weekly flash fiction and early access to articles and Nostaliga Pilots episodes. Higher tiers of support get access to ebooks, exclusive audio and video content each month, and even physical rewards like signed books, stickers, bookmarks, and bespoke drabble postcards just for them.
So stick around, put a dollar in the jar, and let me know what you think. I appreciate your support!

Here’s what you can get for supporting me:

Desert Level-At a dollar or more, Patrons get written content. This includes a new piece of Flash Fiction every Saturday as well as blog posts and podcast episodes. This content will come out a few days early on the Patreon feed where applicable.
Water Level-As above, but you’ll also get zipped ebooks when I come out with them, in a variety of formats.
Ice Level-This is where exclusive Audio and Video content goes, and it should start coming out soon. Look forward to at least one new exclusive podcast a week, as well as videos, readings, experimental stuff, and more.
Castle Level-As above, plus I’ll mail you a postcard with a bespoke drabble on it every month!
Sky Level-As above, plus, you’ll get physical rewards! Right now, this means a signed book, but I’m looking at t-shirts, post cards, and other nifty surprises!


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